Monday, August 20, 2007

Hot Topic plans to use Lawson Smart Notification

Lawson Software announced that Hot Topic Inc licensed Lawson Business Intelligence, part of the Lawson S3 Enterprise Performance Management Suite. Lawson Business Intelligence will help enhance organization-wide reporting and analysis by giving decision-makers at Hot Topic access to information and decision support to help them quickly capitalize on business opportunities. Hot Topic signed the contract in Lawson's fourth quarter of fiscal 2007, which ended May 31, 2007.

An existing Lawson S3 Enterprise Financial Management and Human Capital Management customer, Hot Topic is a national mall-based specialty retailer. It operates 693 Hot Topic stores and 130 Torrid stores throughout the United States and Puerto Rico, offering both apparel and accessories.

The Lawson Business Intelligence application provides Hot Topic with a comprehensive and multi-dimensional view of financial, customer, internal process and human resource data. This data from Lawson and other operational systems provides the flexibility retailers need to support industry-specific business processes and evolving regulatory requirements.

Hot Topic expects this organization-wide reporting and analysis via role-based dashboards will help it deliver accurate and relevant information to employees at all levels, who can then make better-informed decisions faster.

Hot Topic also plans to use Lawson Smart Notification and ProcessFlow Professional, tools within the Lawson Business Intelligence application, to provide automated exception alerts and controls that will foster greater employee compliance with company procedures. The ProcessFlow Professional tool also offers built-in graphical documentation of business processes for simpler validation and auditing.

"A growing number of retailers are turning to Lawson for tools that enable them to view multi-dimensional business data," said Michelle Schooff, industry marketing director, Retail, Lawson Software. "Our business intelligence application helps retailers gain greater visibility and instill the discipline and predictability into business processes needed to help our customers achieve net profitability."

Lawson's industry-focused software solutions help retailers integrate the systems they use to run and grow their businesses. Lawson has more than 350 retail customers worldwide. Lawson customers include 10 of the top 25 specialty retailers, seven of the top 25 grocery chains, eight of the top 25 global retailers, six of the top 25 food service chains and eight of the top 30 U.S. convenience store companies.

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